Project Description


Project Description

The National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS) is the trade association for foodservice professionals at more than 625 institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad. In addition to college and universities, over 500 industry suppliers are members of the association.

NACUFS provides members with a full range of educational programs, publications, management services, and networking opportunities. As the primary provider of education programs for the college food service industry, NACUFS is dedicated to accommodating the learning needs of their association members.

Within the past several years, food service staffs have been reduced and travel costs have been on the rise – making it more difficult and less efficient than ever to offer instructor-led courses. To combat this problem and continue to provide its members with valuable education programs, NACUFS decided to take its education programs online.

NACUFS required the course to be secure, have a medium to high level of interactivity, be professionally narrated throughout, and feature an interactive spreadsheet that allowed students to perform calculations and easily compare data.

It was also critical that the course feature relevant and engaging content, and be easily accessible to NACUFS’s worldwide membership.


Digitec responded to NACUFS requests by designing a highly interactive scenario-based Flash eLearning course, delivered through Digitec’s own Knowledge Direct® Learning Management System (LMS).

Digitec worked with the NACUFS team of volunteer subject-matter-experts to design a scenario-based course, where the learner is the dining services Team Leader, put in charge of choosing the right meal plan for their campus. With the help of case studies, interactive spreadsheets and calculators, learners are able to research and try out different meal planning methods for practical application. Built-in, interactive games also allow the learner to self-check their understanding of the material as they move along in the course and help reinforce what they’ve learned.


By utilizing Digitec’s Knowledge Direct LMS, NACUFS is able to:

  • Provide online continuing education to its membership of more than 1,000 institutions and food service companies.
  • Provide learner registration, some members and non-members can easily set up a student account.
  • Make the complicated process of designing a meal plan program fun, engaging and effective.
  • Generate non-dues revenue through an integrated shopping cart purchase process.
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